Our Consultants

Consultant Ardeena Scott

In both her personal journey and professional endeavours Ardeena seeks to explore and understand the soul-felt truth ‘as above so below, as within so without’, and how it applies within our everyday lives. Ardeena draws on her professional experiences in management, complementary therapies and educational research alongside her personal transformative experiences. From an early age, Ardeena was drawn to the mystical, and spent several years travelling, studying, working and volunteering in wellness and spiritual centres around the globe, including several TWRR journeys. These were formative years in her understanding the importance of integrating our spiritual and material worlds if we are to live a balanced and fulfilling life. As a mentor, Ardeena encourages inquiry, insight and transformation in everyday experiences and invites those she works with to create changes in their quality and direction in life; living their everyday extraordinarily. Please visit: www.ardeenascott.com

Founder, Author, Course Creator Helen Mosimann-Kogan

On this website, through my books and in my work with clients, I help people understand how their consciousness works, how it's reflected in their lives and how the parts they don't like can be transformed. In addition to the courses I mentor, I also offer a variety of intuitive and channelled readings, energetic clearing and shamanic sessions. In my personal and professional experience, we are so multifaceted, that we need a multipronged approach to understand, transform and integrate the many aspects of ourselves. These additional offerings are particularly helpful in bypassing the rational mind and getting to the parts of ourselves we otherwise wouldn't reach! Further info can be found at www.helenmosimannkogan.com I look forward to supporting you along your journey in any way I can 😊.

Consultant Max Friedstein

As a consultant, Max strives to provide a loving and safe environment for clients to access their intuition and look beyond the illusion of separation. One of his greatest passions is guiding people as they look within, expand their awareness, and come to know their true nature: as powerful creators of reality. He enjoys witnessing the transformation within his clients as they begin to make sense of their lives on earth, draw meaning from their everyday experiences, and experience a greater sense of unity and connection with all of life. With time and practice, Max believes everyone can begin to see and work with the patterns hidden within themselves and their lives. He is also a Reiki Master with experience delivering in-person and long-distance energy work. For more info about Max and his work, please visit: www.maxfriedstein.com.

Starting Out

The way this site is designed is a little like walking into a fast-food restaurant where you can choose your main meal item (usually the burger but in this case the course you want to do) and then add on other items...

So, your main meal is the course - we call these the INDEPENDENT or MENTORED courses because you can do them alone or mentored and you can just stick to that.

With the INDEPENDENT option, you can have Add Ons like fries or shakes on the side. On this site, this would be some consults here and there while you go through the course. For this, you will find packages of 3, 5 or 10 calls with the consultants certified to support your course.

Aside from the packages of consults, we have a whole range of other Add Ons like readings and energy sessions that you can add to your main meal.

The MENTORED options contain all the course material and are fully mentored. Here, even if this is your main meal, you may find you want more consults than is part of the program, so go ahead - add those on. Or you may want to try out a reading or soul retrieval or other Add On on the side.

Finally, another Beginner option is the 3- or 6-month Open Course of Mentoring. These have no course material, it's just the Mentoring where you and your consultant discuss whatever is showing up for you at the time. This is another way to see if this approach suits you before embarking on our longer, themed courses.

Please note for the Beginner and some Intermediate courses you have a selection of Consultants to choose from. Please only work with a consultant who is certified to deliver the course you choose. Their certification is renewed annually and ensures you that they are committed to their professional and personal development. If you don't know who would be best for you to work with, get in touch to arrange a call for a pairing up!

Alpha-Omega: Part 1

Life, Death and Transformation

This 5-day course allows you to dive right into the subjects and approach of this work. Here we hone in on three fundamental cornerstones of our thinking. What we think about 1) life and 2) death - and in turn how our beliefs about these inform our entire approach to 3) transformation as an everyday process.

Tarot for Transformation

A structured framework to deepen your self-understanding while you learn about the place of symbols in your life

Experience this ancient system one major arcana at a time. Step by step you will progress through these archetypes, observing how each card shows up - mirrors - your life and what it has to teach you about your conscious awareness, subconscious and higher consciousness!

Living the Chakras: Part One

Experience the Awakening, Purification and Liberation!

This Hindu / Tibetan system of physical energy centres provides us with another roadmap for consciousness expansion. Understanding how kundalini touches on, purifies and expands each part of our lives is essential to integrating higher knowledge in our lives. If there's no integration, there's no point.

Open Course Mentoring

You are in the steering wheel!

Not feeling ready for course material but want to see what this mentoring is all about? Then this is a great place to start. Fortnightly calls and energy attunements are the only structure and we leave the rest up to you.

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