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Testimonials for Consults & Mentoring -

Helen is a spiritual detective. Joyfully, seemingly effortlessly, she applies the clues she acquires through 1:1 communication and EAs to your 'case' - which, of course, is never fully 'solved.' There's always more work to do - lucky for us then that Helen also loves teaching us how to apply these detection skills to our own lives, patterns, stories, beliefs.

With Helen's help this year, I was able to let go of SO much old stuff; to see clearly my part in perpetuating old patterns in my life; and to learn a field of study that had proved challenging in the past. Plus much, much more.

If you are ready to change your life, and are looking for support to get started, I highly recommend Helen's courses, energy work, and mentorship opportunities as just the thing to kick off a new phase - a new you


 What I have found is that having had regular support and interaction has helped to embed a new way of being. For me, it is a process of learning how to have similar conversations within and for myself. This has meant coming to see myself as a sovereign, self-knowing, self-loving individual which is what Helen models, encourages and holds as true. 

I see Helen and this work as a torch bearer, holding the light while I was searching, to then find it was with me all along! Helen displays a sense of love, compassion and unwavering faith in her work. There is no belonging in a way that would support failure - because everything was always brought back to me. What do I think? Why do I think that? What do I feel? What do I need? You can do this. And I am now realising how poignant that was for me - the medicine I needed to now be able to step into a new stage of my life. And the thing is, that at the time I didn’t necessarily know where I was going, why I was being asked things. But Helen did. All that is said and done in a consultation has a clear purpose. And that clarity supports transformation. And that is what changes one’s life.


Helen’s shamanic sessions profoundly changed my life for the better. I’ve had four shamanic sessions, and each session was uniquely tailored to what I was looking to heal and resolve. In a short amount of time, I was able to clear years and even decades of personal, familial, and ancestral baggage I never thought I was able to let go of. As a result, I feel clearer, lighter, more energetic, and like my authentic self. I feel excited about life and I am using what I have gained from these sessions to help others on their healing journey. Working with Helen has had such an uplifting and refreshing impact on all areas of my life. Thank you, Helen, I am so beyond grateful for all that you do and I look forward to experiencing more sessions in the future. 

Helen and her work helped to awaken me to my higher self and to be able to live a more embodied, grounded, and practical experience of holographic / quantum consciousness. There is still so much more to learn but I feel I now have the tools and awareness to live my life how I want to live it. The journey was not easy and full of ups and downs but I felt loved and held throughout the whole experience. It’s up to you how far you want to go, but Helen is willing to hold space for a complete metamorphosis to take place. This is unlike any therapy, counseling, spiritual development experience I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. Working this way is like choosing a reflection of yourself that believes you can be the best version of the human being you came here to be. If you can surrender and trust the process, there’s no telling how much your life will transform. 


Exploring my relationship to death (with Alpha-Omega 1) was at times really uncomfortable and cringey, it was also a very eye-opening and rewarding experience. I had no idea just how much it was affecting my life and how I lived (or didn't live it). My relationship with myself has changed a lot due to doing Alpha Omega 1 and a change in how I relate to others naturally followed this, I find I'm a much more compassionate and less judgemental person now. I did the course over 5 days and I must say for such a short one this is a real BIGGIE! Everything that is explained in the course description is explored thoroughly and as with any of the TWRR courses, it was very professionally and expertly delivered. Thank you, Helen and The White Rabbit Reveals from the depths of my soul.


I have now completed both Alpha-Omega 1 and 2, and it has been an exceptionally profound and enriching experience. With Alpha-Omega 1, I was able to tap into a depth of emotion and memory that I had not had the courage to move into before. With Helen's guidance and support, moving through the passages of grief opened up a deeper appreciation for the breadth of experiences in my life - including that of death, which I came to understand with a greater sense of love. I found the course humbling and heart-opening, and deeply healing by firstly realising the amount of pain in my heart, and then slowly, slowly releasing it to now, over a year after completing the course, allowing more love in and out in a way that previously scared me. Alpha-Omega 2 opened up a whole new way of understanding the process of transformation, and of unconditional love. I found myself surprised by the different perspectives of the Goddess, and how that opened up a new perspective of myself, what I'm capable of and my relationship to the divine feminine (within and without). During this course, I noticed that my relationships began to change - especially the one with my mother, and with myself. I feel bolder, stronger, more loving, and free. In many ways, it is difficult to put my journey with these courses into words - they are unique, and offer something that is challenging, nourishing and fulfilling. My thanks to you, Helen, for all that you have shared, through these courses and as a mentor.


My 6 month one to one journey has been an experience I could have never predicted. And really I think that’s the point. I learned how important it is to recognize the expectations we are holding for ourselves and for others and finally let that go. It was difficult for me to get passed my creation of what people expect from me. I learned you can never know what someone else is thinking it’s always going to be your take on what that might be, so it’s up to you to try to understand and then believe your thoughts or not. Really what I’m finding on this journey is that in order for me to feel free I have to accept that this is a journey and I’m here to live it and learn from it. Over the past 6 months I had an expectation I would be “happy” at the end and be done with anything “negative” in my life. Instead what I got was a super heavy and intense first few months because I couldn’t accept there was no final destination and that no one thing or one person was going to magically fix me.  My only choice was to recognize i have the control to enjoy this ride and to live my life with compassion for myself when it gets tough again. I know I’ve grown because it’s not how happy I am on my good days, but how loving and understanding I am to myself on my hardest ones. For me, the journey has just begun now that I’ve finally let go and I’m grateful this course has supported me through the darkest and the lightest of times. 


My time during the LTC 1 course was nothing short of extraordinary. When I think of LTC 1 (and the other courses I’ve experienced with Helen), the word that comes to mind is profound. This work has completely reshaped my life in the most incredible way and I’m truly grateful for it. If you’re drawn to Helen’s work and do decide to take that step, I wish you the most beautiful journey! Thank you Helen, for you support, and holding the mirror up to help me see more of myself is so many new ways.


The undertaking of this life altering journey has opened up my heart and mind in a way that has radically transformed my experience of life, my relationship to my thinking, and my connection to my intuition. I can sense/experience my intuition in a much more clear way now, I am much more at peace with what I perceive in the world and find my life moving in a fascinating new direction that I cannot help but be pulled in. My experience with Helen was an opportunity to explore what internally stands in the way of me living life from a place of passion and excitement, now unfolding before my very eyes are the blessings that came from that decision to explore this together. Personally and professionally I am being showered with new opportunities and new directions are opening up in my life which the change in me is naturally attracting. This was all made possible by Helen's loving guidance, the frequency that she embodies, and of course with my active participation; there was a lot of my honest inner work I had to do along the way and active life-changes I needed to make which were made easier with an inner knowing that this is it, this is exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you Helen for sharing with me your experience and wisdom, and thank you to life for showing me what is possible, for pointing me towards our true potential as a species and for guiding me in the direction of this process that became from the very start an experience beyond my wildest dreams.


I can tell you that since I began working with Helen and The White Rabbit Reveals, I am different. I feel different. I respond and react differently in most important relationships. I am clearer about my role in my own suffering greatly, and faster at seeing my part. I am clearer that pushing myself through the uncomfortable will be good for me in the long run and teach me invaluable lessons. I am clearer in seeing the patterns of how my family functions as a group and the messages I have received from this.
 I am clear now that I do not have to continue that role. I am clear I have choices of how I want to think and behave. I am clearer about what my responsibility is for myself and for my family. I am clearer in my role with my clients and what is my responsibility as a coach. I know that things have changed because I can feel it. I am feeling more confident.
 I am very clear that this is an ongoing life process. I feel grateful and blessed that the White Rabbit was revealed to me and to my family. I look forward to working with them again.


 I chose TWRRs 1:1 mentoring programme with Helen in parallel to other TWRR transformational experiences. I wished to go deeper, to refine, to recalibrate and integrate my consciousness at a more forensic level. I find it difficult to do justice to this work with words. I find it a superior level of supervision for any self-enhancement process you are pursuing. Weekly calls or energy attunement sessions, as needed, provide the flexible structure. Overall, it's profoundly revealing of one's beliefs and patterns, with a regularity and intensity to break through and burn off perceived obstacles; beyond lie new realms of possibility and reality. Helen holds in front of me a mirror of clarity and truth, firmly and with great care...even on the occasions when I might rather look the other way(!) She walks with me while I strengthen new legs to walk on with greater confidence and independence, finding out along the way that to be connected with oneself is to be interconnected to everything. She's able to do this because she has walked, and continues to walk, such a path of personal transformation herself, as a way to live life as a more whole, continually evolving human being.

Thank you for continuously encouraging me to grow beyond my imagination and guide me to experience the most life transformational moments. I am forever grateful.

Living the Chakras: Part One has been a transformative experience. My life is currently moving through a process of big changes, having recently completed the course, because how I have thought of myself, my experiences and life generally has shifted. I have also come to see and experience the themes and energetics of Chakras in a more tangible way; how they each show up in the context of my life. This has given me a solid framework for my personal process of self-enquiry, and for working with clients as well as increasing my confidence in doing so. It has also been fascinating to make connections between Chakras and other areas of interest to me such as Tarot. The resources are helpful references that encourage enquiry and insight, and I am grateful to have these to continue to refer to in future - each time I read them, I find something new or different that I may not have been aware of before. In this way, an ancient system has become dynamic and applicable to daily living. Living the Chakras: Part One has been an incredible journey. My heart-felt thanks to Helen and The White Rabbit Reveals.

Alpha Omega 2 helped me to identify and connect more deeply with aspects of the divine feminine within myself. The 3 goddesses each had their own different & unique characteristics and all assisted me in their own fashion to stop toxic patterns and cycles I was in. I was clearly shown how they'd been assisting me from long before the course started which was amazing to experience and also very humbling to understand. I'm blessed to have such a close relationship with them. Helen's mentoring is of such a fine calibre, she does what she does so well. I am a very happy bunny having been through AO2, I feel much more grounded & courageous than ever. 


Living The Chakras 1 helped me find my feet on the earth and anchor the first seven chakras into the physical plane. This course really took me deeper than I’ve ever gone before. With the assistance and guidance of Helen and TWRR I was able to reevaluate and redefine my relationship to each of the chakras — to allow for a new way of experiencing myself and my reality to be born. The course could be described in one word: Upgrade. Each chakra and the corresponding belief systems were purified and upgraded to embody more unity consciousness and to allow for more of my higher self to merge with me. To have the weekly support while undergoing deep reflection on and transformation of the first 7 chakras is something I will always be grateful for. I don’t see the world the way I saw it 4 months ago. I am seeing more and more the interconnectedness of all of life, how I am in the driver's seat of my experiences, and how to love more and more unconditionally. I am able to see more clearly, as the illusions that were distorting my vision have and continue to fall away. This course is deep and it is powerful, but with the support of Helen I was able to tread where I used to fear I’d never be able to. I was able to uncover, come to understand, and remove blockages to my own peace/liberation that I didn’t even know I had! This has allowed me to go so much further with clients as well. I am now able to pinpoint themes that are surfacing and see their connection to specific energy centers that are calling attention. This is a grounded and practical way to embody the higher mental information that this work sometimes requires. To be able to ground it in my body was the greatest gift. And to watch my world change for the better in front of my eyes wasn’t so bad either! 


Testimonials for TWRR licensee consultants

Let me thank you once again for such an incredibly insightful journey that we shared in discovering more of the great mystery unfolding. I feel I know myself so much better than I ever have, humbled is the only word fitting enough to explain how I am feeling at the moment. I remember receiving your email asking if I wanted to go through the course with you whilst I was still in Italy and here I sit now in Prague reflecting on a few of the many twists and turns that gave way to me arriving here. I feel so much more capable, able and trusting in life through viewing it from the perspective of the Chakras, it has been one of the best decisions to have accepted your offer and from deep within my heart I thank you


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Where to begin?

I just completed Tarot for Transformation with Max. I can see now that meeting Max on his travels in South Africa some time ago was no accident. I have never had another person hold space for me in the way it was held during the coursework. With unconditional love and compassion. Without judgment. Up until I began the course, I don’t remember a time feeling that I wasn’t being judged in almost every relationship and interaction. I understand it now as just the opposite, that it was my own judgment I had to work through. The implications of working through this with Max can’t be understated. They have had and are continually unfolding to have an enormous impact on my life.

I look back on the past year and reflect on how the meaning of the course has changed and evolved throughout. This is another testament to Max and his abilities as a guide/mentor. I am reminded of a short story I listened to about a teacher and his students. The analogy is a long hallway which represents the course, as you veer towards the left wall, a guide’s job is to bring you back to the middle. As you veer towards the right wall, the same is true. I think for me I spent a lot of time leaning on both left and right walls, Max was always there guiding me into the middle.

The unexpected was always something to be expected during the coursework and I could never have predicted the things that came up and the things I would work through. It blows my mind to think of it now, and even more so when I think about the Iain at the start of the course and the Iain in this moment now. They are completely different people in a way, but I hold a huge amount of love and compassion for that past version of myself. I would not have been able to hold that love without Max’s help.

Reflecting as I write this, I realize the biggest testament I can give to this work is that I want to do more, to go deeper. Max and I often spoke about this being a clearing up process, and I am humbled and grateful to be in the position to continue learning and <nding out more about myself. In using the world as a mirror for self-reflection and dissolving the separateness that I have been taught throughout my life to see in the world.

Thank you so much Max, and to Helen and TWRR for making these courses available to the world.
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Have you ever had this feeling that you thought you are awake and later when you have your ahaaa moment you think wow how could I have thought I was awake? You can now see you where going round and round.
 Shayan was an amazing mentor, he really showed up, he could see true my patterns and showed me techniques to see my own. This was sometimes quit uncomfortable but going past the stage of the devil I started to realise that I couldn’t ignore what I was now seeing.

Once you see that stickiness you need to deal with it. He helped me to see that you can’t build nothing on a wonky base. I think for everyone 2020 was an intense year, we could no longer escape. The tarot for transformation was the biggest gift I could have ever received. And the deeper I went the lighter I started to feel. I would recommend the course to anybody that feels ready to lighten there heavy backpack we don’t need to carry old stories of guilt, sufficing & anxiety. When we start to remove all this load we will see that happiness is here and it always has been.

Thank you Shayan and The White Rabbit Reveals team


Testimonials for The Two-Year Program (TYP) -

This course will take you above and beyond duality — to a space where all is valid, all has its place, and there isn’t one aspect of you that can’t be bathed in loving awareness. Working with the Nordic Runes connected me to the wisdom of the earth, the elementals, and the nature spirits in a profound and practical way. While the I-Ching opened me up to an even more ancient wisdom deep inside my own being — the intelligence of nature, the Tao. All that I intended to work through by signing up for this course has manifested in some way or another. Each intention was fulfilled, and never in the way I thought it would be! But isn’t that part of what makes the journey interesting? The two year program kept its promise — to deliver me into a new paradigm. A paradigm where I have a profound respect for the sanctity of all beings. The design of the Two Year Program as a group course drastically opened my heart to working with others and completely transformed my understanding of what leadership means. Rather than viewing leadership as a “top-down” dynamic, TYP revealed an entirely new format… one that required me to humble myself, to see all as myself, and to really be curious about, receptive of, and compassionate towards others. TYP allowed me to see myself from countless angles and to develop unconditional love for myself and others which made me more confident in my ability to be there for my clients and really anyone who comes into my life. Since completing this course, I have felt a more circular, inclusive, and expansive energy enter my consciousness. It has reshaped the structure of my inner world — which has and continues to reshape my outer world. I have sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for this course, for Helen, and for the soulmates that joined me on this two year journey. Thank you.


The Two Year Programme is really an initiation, a journey in which I had a series of experiences that left me with no doubt about the holographic nature of the universe, it also helped me to gain a clearer understanding of how the mechanics of this actually works.
 It was very thorough and in depth way of really getting to know myself and how I tick, experiencing the TYP was the single most life changing decision I have ever made.The group dynamic magnified its effects by giving me the opportunity to learn from what others were also experiencing in their own ways throughout this process, and it gave me the ability to observe how any change affecting the individual would also ripple out and simultaneously affect the rest of group also. Before TYP I was at the whim of so many deep rooted, inherited and conditioned beliefs about myself, people, society and life, causing quite an unpleasant impact on my day to day experiences. I was shown a process of how to identify and transform these beliefs that were limiting me, many of which were not even visible to me at first. I felt safe and held by Helen and the group as I went through the process of recalibration and this new way of interacting with life entirely. I have now gained the tools and experience to be able to continue this process for myself now and through implementing this I'm going from strength to strength in all areas. With immense gratitude to TYP, for all that I have been shown and all that has been realised. It has been a blessing beyond what words can convey!

The Two Year Program with Helen and my group members has changed my life in the most profound of ways. I have learnt to see behind the veil of my conditioning, patterns and all that does not serve me so as to begin my living and creating my life from a place of authenticity and deep self resonance. Words cannot truly express how I feel about the experience I have had and what I have seen, processed, unpacked, resolved, seen more of, the support and guidance I have received and the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired. I am beyond grateful to Helen and this program. I look forward to working with her again.

 I truly don’t even know where to begin when sitting down to write about my experience of The AZOTH Key (TYP). I was 21 when I signed up for this course and I am serious when I say that I had no “clue” what stepping into this river of consciousness would do to “me”. If anything I thought I was going to strengthen my energy healing abilities and learn to read Tarot. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I signed up. A little voice in my heart said “You gotta do this.” And so I did. And now here I am, two years later — a new human being. New eyes. New ears. A new heart. It’s funny, you’d think after two years I should “know more”. Only I don’t. I know less. I somehow feel at peace in the unknown, with the understanding that it is here where true freedom lies. The AZOTH Key was a rebirthing process. As I sit here writing I feel like both an 80 year old man and a newborn baby. My eyes are wide open as I take in this world in ways I never thought possible. With a new and stronger connection to my higher self and a solid understanding of holographic consciousness I am able to live in tune with life. In resonance with truth. Willing and able to ride the waves of change while being centered in my heart and grounded on this planet. Open to new ways of thinking, being, creating. And always curious. I’m leaving The AZOTH Key both humbled and fearless. For it is in this newfound vulnerability that I am finding my true strength. A knowing that as I open my heart to more of myself and the world, I will be able to handle whatever comes my way as I now have the tools to digest and integrate life as it is happening so that I can do what it is that brought me to sign up for this course — walk my talk. This course, if you let it, will not only change your life, but gift you with a new life. A life you may have never known you could be living, but in the depths of your heart had always dreamt of. Thank you,


What an extraordinary passage. The AZOTH Key has changed my life. With the Tarot as a framework, it has become easier, clearer and more intuitive to identify and work with themes, patterns, signs and symbols within my every day. Now, with a broader perspective, I have a greater understanding and acceptance of the experiences I have. Not only that, but I also have the tools to make course-corrections within my life. One of the aspects that drew me to the program was to ¨hold the keys to my life in my hands¨. And much of what I was discovering of myself was how I had given my keys away. Having now come to the end, I find they are in my hands again...And I feel ready, more than ever, for the ride!Every aspect of the program has been given careful consideration and maintains a structured approach while allowing flexibility to change and adapt to meet the needs of both individuals and the group as a whole. I have found this acted as a model and influenced how I have viewed the details and actions in my own life, bringing more awareness and care to what I do, say and think. There were many opportunities within the program to put into practice and receive feedback regarding all that was being learnt through readings, energy attunements and group calls (in addition to day-to-day). I believe I now have a solid foundation for my professional development as well as and alongside my personal growth. Helen is authentic, tenacious, wise and has an unwavering trust in it ´all´; an incredible mentor, guide and role model to have on the journey.  It was not always a comfortable or easy ride, and to know that you are held, supported and loved at every twist and turn, is the greatest of gifts. Thank you xx


“I first committed to The Two-Year Program (TYP) because I instinctively 'knew'. Heart said 'Yes, I am and I can' before head had a chance to question why. This is entirely appropriate, as this is what TYP is for - to assist you to clear and receive your own pure channel of intuition and higher knowing. For some time, I have wanted a form of ongoing personal development, that is both structured and fluid, that resonates at a consistently high vibration. I had already benefited from several TWRR experiences - one-to-ones with Helen and on Mobile Mystery School (MMS) tours - which helped to support the decision; however, this two-year commitment is another level again because it guides you to clear old thinking and behaviour from your life, and integrate new awareness and action into your life, as you are living it...all while holding you account (to yourself) to do so.  I've benefited from many and varied beautiful and stretching transformational personal development experiences over the years. This, for me at this time, elevates the whole concept of personal transformation into the most expansive, real and grounded one yet. At the same time, this alchemical process (for that is what TWRR is) can be limitless! Helen is the 'guardian' of TWRR as its guiding force - and she trusts its process throughout her entire being. Her humility knows that this is not about her - it's about each individual's own experience....and owning their own experience. But this humility is not to shrink - quite the opposite! Through her loving presence comes gentle power, the wisdom of her extensive personal journey, and utter transparency and commitment to each participant's growth and freedom; all with the gratitude to appreciate her own ongoing evolution. She may start as the 'master keyholder', with a vast collection of tools, resources and experiences to share - until you begin to realise - and choose - to hold your own keys for your own life. Here you are in a safe place to practice them and build confidence in yourself and their use for your own mastery. 

I also learn a huge amount from the small group dynamic, with each bringing so many different fractal pieces of the whole puzzle. The different forms of monthly interaction ensure a flow of mirrored learning; and the annual residential takes all of that to another level again (not dissimilar to a MMS, but with greater depth/heights because of how we all now know each other).”

“There is only one word I can think of that fully encompasses the impact of The Two-Year Program (TYP) — AWAKENING. This course has completely changed my life. It has opened me up in ways I am only beginning to understand. I have never had more appreciation for life itself. I came to TYP at a time in my life in which I was very lost. I believed life was a waste, and that there was really no point in being alive. I was asking big questions, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is the point of existence?”. TYP gave me the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to answer these questions for myself by reconnecting with my higher self.  A person cluttered with the co-dependencies and self-sabotaging patterns learned by living many lives on earth has a limited access to the subtleties of the higher mind. TYP has helped me clear through this clutter which has given me the opportunity to become my own teacher, my own healer, my own guru. Helen and The White Rabbit Reveals have empowered me by awakening me to my own divinity… to my own light. The journey has been one of ups and downs, yet exhilarating and always full of love with the support of TYP and the beautiful beings I have been lucky to learn with and from. What I have gained from TYP can’t really be put into words. I have learned how to make the most out of every single situation I find myself experiencing. I have learned how to derive meaning from all that is happening around me. I have truly begun to take responsibility for my life and that has allowed me to start creating a life I have always dreamed of living. A portal has been opened and I feel ready to live my life and thrilled to be living it completely awake. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you to TWRR, and of course Helen.”

“I have immense gratitude to TYP for how it has supported and facilitated great changes in my experience of life, just 10 months in my life is unrecognisable & I have developed a sense of excitement about how it’s unfolding. As a result of TYP my intuition is becoming much louder and I’m making clearer heart centred decisions and much more familiar with how to manifest my preferred reality. Self realisation is happening on a much deeper level than ever before and I am ‘becoming my own teacher and my own parent’ well on my way to ‘becoming 100 times more than I had ever thought I was capable of becoming.’ I recommend TYP to anyone who is genuinely ready to embrace change and work through anything that stands in the way of that.”

TYP has been the most exciting, challenging and beautiful experience of my life. I have learnt a completely new way of being with myself, a way where I am becoming truly aware of my own thinking, it has brought with it massive changes in my life, and has assisted me to a place where I have been able to completely change longstanding destructive patterns, and put in their place new thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. The way Helen has created this course is remarkable and has intertwined a deep understanding of the mind and science along with Tarot and Energy work that has shown me a deep connection in myself that I always knew I had but I am now experiencing. I would recommend TYP to anyone who wishes to be more connected to their higher self and intuition, and wish to be able to see a bigger picture in their life”. 


What I am learning with TYP is the value of myself. This is one of the gifts of the teachings of TWRR and Helen, that it is all about and values the individual. That thinking ¨it´s all about Me¨ is not egotistical but in fact the Truth. TYP is teaching me to appreciate ALL of life and every aspect of myself. It is showing me how to see VALUE in every experience I have, as every single experience is a piece of the puzzle that helps me to greater understand myself and have gratitude for the jigsaw of life; even the uncomfortable or painful pieces fit. And I have a greater curiosity to find out about aspects of myself I may have previously been choosing to ignore, and this feels very freeing because it is redefining the concept of the shadow. TYP challenges me to see and think bigger, from a higher, all-seeing perspective and is guiding me to expand the way I view myself and what I am capable of. Which in turn is showing me how to see this in others and in how the world works. What I may have thought of as impossible for me, or not even considered, now seems possible and this creates a sense of excitement, wonder, and freedom. TYP is teaching me that power is not who is loudest, prettiest or richest, but rather power comes from self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. My life has changed through my participation in this course because it is a way of life and it teaches integration and practical application of Higher Learning. This is showing me how I can have a spiritual life and also be able to manage worldly responsibilities such as finance and relationships; because they are one and the same. My gratitude to The White Rabbit Reveals and to Helen for her immense capacity, patience, vision, and humility with this work.”