An alternative or supplement to individual mentoring, our group courses are an opportunity to learn from different reflections, across the world.  Find out how other people live and their perspectives on the course material. Notice the differences that make us unique at the same time as the holographic similarities that unify and reflect us.

Do you have a group of people that you would like a course created for? It could be family, friends, co-workers? Get in touch with your ideas and let's put something together.


Helen currently delivers all our group courses

Creator of TWRR, Mentor, Shamanic Facilitator, Author, Neuroscience Ph.D. Helen Mosimann-Kogan

As a mentor to coaches, therapists, and leaders, Helen is dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of the holographic nature of consciousness and reality. Her teachings delve into the transformative power of understanding the multidimensional self, guiding clients to explore the depths of their soul psychology. This exploration encompasses purpose, personal, familial, and collective themes, as well as the intricacies of karma. Helen's approach empowers individuals to embrace a heightened awareness, facilitating a journey towards living increasingly enriching and fulfilling lives.

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