The Little Book of Self-Enquiry

Ancient Keys for a Modern Age

Bit by bit, many of us are realising that there's more to the whole 'know thyself' business than we first thought — it has the potential to change every aspect of our reality. At the same time there are a bewildering number of 'paths' to choose from, all offering different methods, means and maps to find the answers we seek to attain success or inner peace or the perfect life, and ideally all three!

Although concise, The Little Book of Self-Enquiry contains big messages about self-exploration at this pivotal time of bridging eras. Ancient wisdoms are available to aid us in our modern-day search for self-understanding — and they are offered here, with a specific focus on how the Tarot can be useful in this pursuit.  

We will also touch on the unique value of the Chakras, Runes, I Ching and Numerology, as structured frameworks to guide you through the nebulous dimensions of your mind. You will receive clear guidance for choosing tools to support your process, and will learn why, if you're asking the right questions, you can never get self-enquiry wrong.

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The Tarot Journal

Awaken your Intuition and Awareness with Guided Prompts

Imagine a space where the ancient mystique of the Tarot meets the vast terrain of your inner landscape. What if, by exploring the depths of your being, you could uncover patterns, symbols, and insights that surprise and enlighten you?

This isn't just any journal. Within the beautifully crafted writing pages of the "Tarot Transformation Journal", you are invited to venture beyond the veil of the everyday.

Here, every archetype acts as a distinct lens, revealing your hidden limiting beliefs and showcasing how they mould your thoughts, emotions, and actions. With the gift of awareness, and by penning down your reflections, you not only unearth these beliefs but are also empowered to reshape them. And if ever the journey feels too overwhelming, it's a cue to seek guidance from a healing practitioner.

Did you know that your daily existence is brimming with symbols, waiting to be deciphered?

This journal allows you to explore and interpret these signs, enhancing your skill to 'read' situations and steer your life towards desired outcomes.

Rooted in a rich mentoring course, this journal distils its essence to provide a structured framework that amplifies your journey of self-discovery. This interplay not only heightens your intuition but also refines your self-awareness, making you attuned to the universe's whispers.

So, are you ready to discover, transform, and awaken to a deeper you?

The "Tarot Transformation Journal" awaits, offering plenty of space for creative writing, reflection, and revelations. Unlock your potential, embrace your path, and be astounded by what you unearth.

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The Runes Journal

The Runic Guide to Spiritual Transformation

The Runes Journal invites you on an adventure through the initiatory realms of the Truth Seeker; those who are motivated by curiosity to know the truth about themselves and reality behind projected appearances.

As with the other Journals in this series, the Runes Journal was developed from a course that recognised that the best way to truly learn about a tool is to live it! By allocating a certain amount of time - a week or two, or even a whole month to each Rune - you can observe how it comes alive in your life and works directly with you.

The nature of holographic consciousness is that what is showing up in one area of your life must be showing up in others because they are all connected. As you observe the interconnectivity between each Rune and the events of your life, you are developing the perspective of interconnected wholeness where previously each part existed separately in a silo.

Journal your way from Fehu, who will question your values, all the way through to Othala, the home that the seeker seeks, and the Blank Rune of mystery and destiny, by which time you will have your answers!

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The Chakra Journal

Kundalini Awakening Workbook with Guided Prompts

Do you feel the urge to awaken to your true potential, to purify your body and mind, and to liberate yourself from the limitations of your past? 

If so, you are not alone. We live in a time of unprecedented global expansion of consciousness, reflected in the rapid advances of technology and science. This is the age of kundalini, the divine energy that lies dormant within each of us, waiting to be activated and unleashed.

But how do we awaken and harness this powerful force? How do we navigate the challenges and opportunities that it brings?

The answer lies in the seven energy centers that govern every aspect of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being; not as abstract concepts or symbols but as real and practical tools that can help us understand ourselves, heal our wounds, and expand our horizons.

The Chakras Journal is a unique and inspiring guide that will take you from the root and ending with the crown. It is based on a mentoring course called Living the Chakras, a program designed to help you apply the wisdom of the chakras to your everyday life.

In this journal, you will find:

  • An introduction to each chakra, its meaning, function, and attributes
  • A series of questions and prompts to help you explore your own chakra system and discover how it affects your life
  • A space to record your insights, reflections, and experiences as you progress through the journal
  • A collection of affirmations, meditations and other resources to support your chakra journey

The Chakras Journal is more than just a book; it is a companion and a catalyst for your personal transformation. 

By working with this journal, you will awaken your kundalini energy, purify your body and mind, and liberate yourself from the confines of how you were living thus far.

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The I Ching Journal

Explore Ancient Chinese Secrets to Living in Harmony with Everyone and Everything

The I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is one of the oldest and most profound sources of wisdom in the world. It reveals the hidden patterns and principles that govern the universe and human life. It also offers practical guidance for living in harmony with ourselves, others, and nature.

But what if there is more to the I Ching than meets the eye? What if the I Ching is not only a book of wisdom, but also a mirror of our own consciousness? What if the I Ching can help us discover who we really are, and why we are here?

In this journal, you will go through 32 pairs of hexagrams, which are the basic symbols of the I Ching. Each pair represents a dynamic relationship between two complementary forces, such as yin and yang, heaven and earth, or joy and sorrow. Along the way, you will be prompted to look for connections between the pair you are working with and the events in your life at the time. You will also receive information on each hexagram, prompts to help you explore them, and insights into the integration point between the pair.

By the end of this journal you will have realised that the I Ching is not just a book of changes, but also a book of self-discovery. You will have seen that the I Ching reflects your own consciousness, and that through your relationships you can get to know yourself at ever deeper-levels. You will have discovered that the main reason for relationships is that through them, you can experience the One Consciousness—The Tao—that is the source of all life.

The I Ching Journal is more than just a workbook. It is a journey of discovery and transformation. It is a tool for personal growth and spiritual development. It is a companion for life.

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Why We Think The Way We Do And How To Change It

The Science of Acting (2009) left many readers wanting more because they knew there was more. Evidently, it comprised of more than a technique to act well; included within it were tools to change one’s life. Building on this, together with Thomas Garvey, Dr Helen Kogan set about writing a book that would solely focus on improving the layman reader's life by helping them understand why their lives play out as they do.

Why We Think The Way We Do And How To Change It hones in on the finest working of our minds and delves deep to disentangle and dissolve the thoughts and behaviours that hold us back from living fulfilled lives.

Shame, guilt, success, failure, relationships, sex and family dynamics are some of the key areas that are addressed in the chapters dedicated to the origins, patterns and processes of our thinking.

In particular, the authors repeatedly return to the question, "Why is it, that although we so desperately want our lives to change, we can't make it happen?".

And they answer this question by discussing the pay-offs that we find more appealing than change, however nonsensical or how much suffering they causes us.

Why We Think The Way We Do And How To Change It will take you on an honest journey of self-reflection and understanding, to put your life firmly in your hands...for you to steer it where you want to go!

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The Science of Acting

A detailed record of the theory developed by Sam Kogan over a 20-year period at the then School of the Science of Acting (today, the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts). 'To create believable characters the actor has to think the characters' thoughts'. This is the premise of this work. However, it begs the question, what does one - the actor in particular - think? How can one think the character's thoughts when one doesn't know what's going on inside their own head.

Enter, The Science of Acting; a systematic approach for the actor to increase his/her self awareness and understand the fundamental processes and patterns which govern how we all think.

Whether you are playing the role of an acorn or of Hamlet, the subjects covered give the actor the tools and a structured process to confidently repeat a good performance - and the awareness to know what to do to adjust a performance that was less than.

Included is the Ten-Step approach to working with a script, with a one-act Chekhov play example.

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Reviews for Publications

An indepth study into the human condition


The Science of Acting isn't just for actors it really is an indepth study into the human condition and will help anyone to understand better the complicated way that we respond to life, conditions and our inner most selves.

For anyone who is interested in self-improvement and how humans think

Rebecca Rachmany

Immediately actionable for actors and humans alike. Incredible insight into the human psyche. The Science of Acting isn't just for actors, but for anyone who is interested in self-improvement and how humans think. Some of the concepts are a bit complex, but fundamentally this is arranged very well and is accessible and useful for anyone. I got insight into my own behaviors and was immediately able to put some of this into action in my own life.

Janette Fuller

I need to admit that I am not an actor or a student of theatre arts. I did encourage and support my daughter when she participated in high school and junior college plays and musicals. I started reading this book with the perception that I would learn acting techniques but I soon discovered that this book is also about how we think and act in everyday life. This book examines how our mind works and how we can use helpful thoughts to our advantage and eliminate thoughts that are holding us back. It explains how we get in a ditch of rigid negative thinking. This thinking occurs on the subconscious level so we don't understand why we are reacting the way we do. Mr. Kogan uses theories on the relationship between neuroscience, psychology and acting to develop a technique for good acting and successful living. The book is amazingly direct and easy to understand. It is illustrated with simple drawings that help explain key concepts. I also like the way key words are emphasized and defined. There is an excellent glossary at the end of the book that provides a useful summary of all the key concepts in the book. I highly recommend this book to all students and teachers of drama and theatre arts. I also recommend this book to anyone who desires a better understanding of the thought process. This is a life-changing piece of work!

Ms. Rina-marie Hill

"The Science" is perhaps the most influential book I have ever read. I read it twice, from cover to cover, before coming up for air. That "The Science" is a must-read for any actor is plain to see from as early as the book's Introduction. But I am not an actor. Nor am I a scientist. I am someone who has read the book through sheer curiosity and I can tell you now that it has taught me more about myself than living in my own sceptical skin for 30 years has done. The book has opened up my consciousness and has inspired me to ask questions of myself: Why do I do what I do and think what I think? Am I in control of my own thoughts and actions? Can I change my thoughts to make me a happier, more fulfilled individual? Can I apply positive thoughts and energy to all I do? The answers? Well they are limitless. "The Science" has made me realise that I can achieve anything I want to achieve and be anything I want to be by spending a little quality time with my thoughts. I could even become an actor! Lights, camera, action! Five Stars.

Very often our thinking creates our problems. So, the question is, why do we think the way we do and how can we change it?

Susanna Hutcheson

Very often our thinking creates our problems. So, the question is, why do we think the way we do and how can we change it? That's what this book by Sam Kogan teaches us. In a well-written, intriguing style, we learn how to be the person we want to be through the skills of an actor. Kogan helps the reader look at the thoughts that have been with them for years --- thoughts that are no longer useful and may be creating problems. People very often think themselves poor or sick or uninteresting. The key is to find out what those toxic thoughts are and change them, thus bringing about a totally different manifestation, one that's wanted and desirable. Through some of the methods of the professional actor, one can learn to do this. And that's the basis of this book.

Empowering with a good sense of humour


Authentic, accesible, empowering - with a good sense of humour! If you really do want to know why you think the way you do and how to change it then I highly recommend this book. It encourages one to acknowledge and take responsibility for ones life. It’s time to see and cut the bulls*** and get on with living a fulfilling life - this book will grant you exactly that (should you choose to do so...)

The one self help book to rule them all

There are many good books and recommendations I could make, they filled me with ideas and aspirations. This book gives a greater insight as to why our behaviours are obvious to others and hidden from ourselves. I can better understand others, but do I really understand myself? Do you? If you generalise, maybe about people leaving reviews for example, then you are in need of this book. The only thing I’d change is the cover artwork, I’m not sure why they design the way they do, but they can write well about Why Think The Way We Do.

Your way to your thoughts


It feels like the author is talking to you personally and what she says has so much value