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Mentor, Guide, Breathwork Coach Ardeena Scott

Ardeena helps people to see the interconnectivity of patterns and events in their lives, inviting them to create changes through understanding, knowing and loving themselves deeply and integrating that connection into their everyday experiences. She lives life on the road as a ‘digital [holographic] nomad’, continuing to deepen and evolve her understanding of how integrating our spiritual and material worlds supports us to live balanced and fulfilling lives and create a world we love to live in.

Creator of TWRR, Mentor, Shamanic Facilitator, Author, Neuroscience Ph.D. Helen Mosimann-Kogan

As a mentor to coaches, therapists, and leaders, Helen is dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of the holographic nature of consciousness and reality. Her teachings delve into the transformative power of understanding the multidimensional self, guiding clients to explore the depths of their soul psychology. This exploration encompasses purpose, personal, familial, and collective themes, as well as the intricacies of karma. Helen's approach empowers individuals to embrace a heightened awareness, facilitating a journey towards living increasingly enriching and fulfilling lives.

Consultant Max Friedstein

As a consultant, Max strives to provide a loving and safe environment for clients to access their intuition and look beyond the illusion of separation. One of his greatest passions is guiding people as they look within, expand their awareness, and come to know their true nature: as powerful creators of reality. He enjoys witnessing the transformation within his clients as they begin to make sense of their lives on earth, draw meaning from their everyday experiences, and experience a greater sense of unity and connection with all of life. With time and practice, Max believes everyone can begin to see and work with the patterns hidden within themselves and their lives. He is also a Reiki Master with experience delivering in-person and long-distance energy work.

Single Session

A great place to start and try before you buy a longer program.

Perhaps you have one thing that is showing up in your life that you can’t seem to move past or you simply want a taster of this approach. These 90-minute consults come with the add-on of a 60-minute energy attunement to integrate the insights you received during your consult.

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Alternatively, you can try out a One-Off Reading

Stand-alone or with an accompanying Energy Attunement to take your reading to the next level!

Readings are an opportunity to explore and transform any challenges you are experiencing or any personal questions you are struggling to find answers to. Our consultants offer a range of readings -  they will use the Tarot, Runes of the I Ching as tools to support your enquiry.

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Or try something completely different!

Vibrational Medicine is the future! Check out the range of stand-alone energy sessions that we offer

Shamanic Sessions and separately the longer-term Pyramidex programs start with a discussion of what you would like help with and then use different energetic tools to assist you.

Packages of three sessions of each are available to go deeper into the themes that are presenting.

Shamanic sessions are singular appointments using traditional shamanic tools and processes. Going deep into the multidimensional origins of your situation, the results then manifest in your life over the following days, weeks and months.

Pyramidex programs are single appointments where the energetic rebalancing is a process that takes place over three weeks. These are geared toward deeper - end of chapter- karmic clearing and practical holistic integration.

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