Hello and Welcome!

I'm Helen Mosimann-Kogan, the creator of TWRR

where we offer personal mentoring for profound personal transformation. We also coach coaches to take their work to the next level by incorporating holographic transformation into the services they already offer.  

In whichever capacity that you work with us, you'll be learning to transform the funky stuff* of life while simultaneously getting to know yourself as a multidimensional being and your place and purpose in the emerging new paradigm - and if you want to, you will also learn how to help others do the same!

*Examples of the funky stuff:

  • Mental/emotional/physical triggers, swinging moods, irritations and frustrations that seem to come out of nowhere
  • Heavy family dynamics that are affecting your wellbeing
  • Being convinced that life or God or other people are intentionally making your life hard
  • Feeling a victim of your past or past events - or of anything!
  • Relationship dynamics that feel like they are on constant replay
  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair at the meaningless of this whole 'life' thing
  • Feeling fed up with being fed up of everything!

We will help you join the dots (in other words getting clear and complete on 'stuff') and learn how to join the dots for yourself. 

Joining the dots sounds like small fry (pah! joining the dots so what? 🥱) but it helps you become aware of the vast bigger picture of your life and why things are happening as they are, usually on repeat! 

This helps you to find meaning in all your experiences so that you can move beyond being a puppet of your past, present or even your future - and instead become the artist that is shaping your universe as much as it shaping you.  

If you want to know more

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  2. Sign-up for our Free Five-Day Introductory Course: What is Holographic Transformation?

  3. If you'd like to know how to get enrolled on a program, check out our groovy flow charts to find out which steps to take

I look forward to supporting your extraordinary transformation in any way I can.

Helen Mosimann-Kogan

Below you will find the different categories of our offerings (as in the top menu)

But do check out our themed journals

as optional accompaniments to our courses or to help you reach a range of personal-development goals!

Single Consults

Try Before You Buy!

Want to see what it's all about before committing to a longer program. Here you will find a range of one-off sessions, including single consults, intuitive readings and shamanic offerings. Each of these appointments will introduce you to The White Rabbit Reveals approach.


Getting Going

These are the courses we recommend starting with. Here you will find out about Tarot for Transformation and Living the Chakra: 1, our two entry-level programs that can be taken independently or with mentoring. You'll also find our shortest, five-day, course, Alpha-Omega:1. Beginners also include our Open Course Mentoring - where there is no course material, only the consults.

Deep Dives

You've got the foundations laid - what's next?

All of the Deep Dive Courses are for clients ready for next level change. Either with us or elsewhere your transformational journey has already begun, only now you are getting more serious about it and want to level up by going even deeper within. All our Deep Dives include a package of at least three shamanic sessions to be experienced alongside the course material for getting the kinks out of the gnarly stuff that has been hanging around for years.

Group Courses

What we've got going on and coming up!

Many of our Beginner and Intermediate courses are available in a hybrid group format that include both 1:1 and group calls. Group courses are a fabulous way to see the hologram at work - and understand the mechanics at play in all your group dynamics.


Getting Going

Find out about the training, guidance, advanced courses and memberships to support you in your role as a guide and facilitator or if you want to include aspects of the TWRR approach in your already established profession.