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What we do at The White Rabbit Reveals is a little unusual. Not very, but enough to not be boxed into a conventional 'personal development' or therapeutic category.
We work with our clients to support them with the evolution of their consciousness by helping them understand how it works. Yes, their consciousness!

No, we don't do this by teaching them the physicsy side of boson higgs and black holes (although some foundational quantum physics is needed and this is simply and conversationally covered in this course)!

We are more interested in helping you become aware of the holographic nature of consciousness - and the holographic nature of your consciousness in particular...

1) Because there is no other that works uniquely the way  yours does


2)  Because otherwise we are all walking around haphazardly using this reality-creating equipment without having opened the manual! 🙄

No wonder we've been running into some problems 🤔.

Understanding the holographic nature of your consciousness will help you understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do; especially the odd stuff you do that you wish you wouldn't, and  the odd stuff other people do that you wish they wouldn't!
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Course curriculum

    1. Opening Message

    2. How to use this course

    3. Try out an energy attunement

    1. Background to Terminology

    2. Holofractal

    3. Holographic

    4. Holomovement

    5. Why do I need to know all this for my personal development?

    1. The Who's

    2. Holographic Consciousness & the Ancient Wisdoms of the World

    3. Holographic Consciousness & Modern Day Scientists

    4. What The White Rabbit Reveals brings to the field? 🐇

    5. The most important Who

    1. Why you need to be aware of Holographic Transformation?

    2. The Short and Long Term Gains of Holographic Transformation

    1. How do I get my holographic party started? 🥳

    2. What if none of that's for me?

    3. Congratulations! You've graduated! Here's what's next...🎁

About this course

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What our first participants are saying:

“It has had a big impact on me and events in my life right now”

“I have really enjoyed going through the course and found it hugely beneficial… I enjoyed the personal touch… - nice way to show how it all works! I also think there is a timelessness to the content, which one can refer back to as/when needed as a resource. Very cool.”

“I feel like this course helped piece so much together with me. I will be referring to it for a while…”

"Working through this 5 day course helped me go that much further and understanding how the hologram works. Thank you so much for sharing this with us."

It's Price-less!