Hall of Mirrors

The professional development membership for The White Rabbit Reveals' and non-affiliated consultants, facilitators and guides

The required membership for licenced consultants to be able to deliver TWRR courses - to ensure ongoing personal and professional development.

You receive:

  • Five 90-minute one:one calls each year to discuss your experience and progress (Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)

  • Annual participation in The Healing Spirits of the Four Directions with a volunteer client, for review at the AGM

  • Three-day AGM to discuss the annual theme - and review your experience with the Healing Spirits of the Four Directions and experience your own Shamanic Healing

  • Ongoing support for your professional development and delivery of TWRR courses

  • Access to the Hall of Mirrors Community - the opportunity to contribute to the development of TWRR

The Membership

    1. Welcome to The Hall of Mirrors Members Area!

    1. Our Five Calls

    2. Schedule the calls

    1. The Dates and the Details

    2. Recommended Resources

    1. By the Light of the Moon posts

    2. ‘By the Light of the Moon’ - Welcome to the first post!

    3. The Moon and The Mansions

    4. February 1st 2022 - New Moon

    5. February 16th 2022 - Full Moon

    6. March 18th Full Moon & March 20th Equinox

    7. April 16th Full Moon

    8. New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse - 30th April

    9. Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse - 16th May

    10. The Cornplanting Moon - Deer: May 21st to June 20th

    11. Full Moon 14th June 2022 - Supermoon

    12. The Flicker Moon (21st June - 22nd July) & June 29th New Moon

    13. The Sturgeon Moon (July 23-August 22)

    1. How this will work

About this course

  • $888.00
  • 19 lessons

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